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What's Happening On Sunday?

March 29, 2015

What is on my Heart?
By Reverend Tom Capo @ 9:30am & 11:15am
Reverend Tom has been thinking a great deal about “Black Lives Matter.”  He has felt great sadness over the many injustices, oppressions, and prejudices that have happened in the year to people of color.  He will share some of what is on his heart about our country and how they treat people of color.

All Youth Religious Education classes meet during services

Sunday Morning Forum - 9:30am - Learning Center
Literacy DuPage.  Literacy DuPage is a nonprofit, community-based organization that provides accessible and customized tutoring in basic English to adult learners in DuPage County.  Since 1972, we have provided our services for free to over 10,000 adult learners through the generosity and dedication of our volunteer tutors.  Please join us at the forum if you are interested in serving our neighbors as a volunteer or simply want to learn more about our services.  No prior teaching experience is necessary to become a tutor. We will train and guide you throughout the tutoring process.  Please visit our website at www.literacydupage.org for more information about us.

April 5, 2015 

Easter and Mother Earth @ 9:30am & 11:15am 
By Reverend Tom Capo and Steve Cooper, DRE
Springtime provides us the opportunity once again to look around and see the new growth of plants, the greening and flowering all around us. This intergenerational service will provide us the opportunity to look how we fit into this universe/planet/community and what we can do to make a positive difference on Mother Earth.  Special music by Karen Campbell & Hanna Brubaker. A special collection will be held for Green Earth Institute.

Easter: Service For All Ages, no classes meet

Sunday Morning Forum - 9:30am - Learning Center
SCIENCE SUNDAY. The issue of nuclear weapons is a topic not openly discussed by the American public. This has happened while nuclear weapons have been stockpiled in vast and increasing amounts. American nuclear policy needs to be aired openly.   Bob Farquhar, a member of High Street UUC in Macon Georgia, has been attending DUUC since he arrived in November to “winter” here in the north.   Bob is a retired Air Force Senior NCO and Cold War Warrior who lived with the realities of nuclear weapons and their effects for 24 years during the Cold War, realities we still face 23 years after that war ended.  Bob has been a student of nuclear weapons, their history and policies for over 15 years and writes extensively to educate the general public about this issue.  He is a member of Georgia WAND (Women’s Action for New Direction) and other non-profits and is on the board of Nuclear Watch South in Atlanta, Georgia.   As part of his advocacy and work educating people, he has written a book, “Duck and Cover: A Pictorial History of Nuclear Weapons”.   On Easter Sunday, April 5th, Bob will take us on a pictorial journey of nuclear weapons, highlighting various aspects of those weapons and showing where we are at now in our nuclear weapons journey.  Come join with us in exploring the 70 years since we entered the atomic age.          

April 12, 2015 

60th Anniversary of DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church @ 9:30am   
For our 60th Anniversary, we will be not hold worship, but we will be working for the greater good.  Our Social Justice Committee has organized a morning of education, projects, and service. There will be opportunities for all ages—from short films and discussions on environmental justice to projects that can aid our environment.  Come live our mission.

Classes meet for 60th Anniversary Social Action
TAG meets at 12:45

Sunday Morning Forum - 9:30am - Learning Center
Not currently scheduled.

April 19, 2015  

A New Era for Unitarian Universalism
By Reverend Tom Capo @ 9:30am at the Naperville Marriot   
This worship service will be held at the Naperville Marriot (1801 N Naper Blvd, Naperville, IL 60563).  The service will conclude the Unitarian Universalist MidAmerica Regional Assembly 2015.  Everyone is invited to the service.  The service will be intergenerational and the DuPage UU Church Choir will be performing for us.  

Service For All Ages at Marriott 9:30am
Jr Hi Our Whole Lives 1:00 – 3:30

Sunday Morning Forum - 9:30am - Learning Center
The Quest Science talk for April will be about Symmetry Theories.   We will explore how the elementary subatomic particles of the known universe, and the four fundamental forces of nature are related to one another.  We will also talk about the deep link between the laws of conservation (e.g. the conservation of energy, of momentum, of charge, etc.) with symmetries of physical systems.   This talk will begin to tie together topics we have previously covered in particle physics, mathematics, relativity and lead ultimately back to considerations of the Big Bang and the overall properties of the cosmos.  This will position us to wrap up the year in May with a talk on cosmology and multiple universe (or multiverse) ideas.

April 26, 2015

Transition, Affirmation & Graduation Service @ 9:30am & 11:15am
TAG Students of 2014/15 and Steve Cooper, Director of Religious Education
This year eight high school juniors and seniors and their mentors went on a journey to explore their religious identity. Each ventured down paths of theology, worship, spirituality, social action/social justice, community, and leadership. While traveling down each path they learned more about themselves and their core beliefs, the adults in their lives and the Unitarian Universalist religion. In this service they will share with the congregation where their paths have taken them and what, at this point in their lives, they believe.

All Religious Education classes meet
Transition, Affirmation and Graduation (TAG) Service

Sunday Morning Forum - 9:30am - Learning Center
Not currently scheduled.