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What's Happening On Sunday?


May 1, 2016  
@ 9:30am & 11:15am

A Flexible Faith?
By Reverend Tom Capo 
Unitarian Universalism offers a flexible faith. Does this flexibility help to us to cope with our difficult, complex, and always changing world?"  The DUUC Choir will be performing during this service.  There will be a time for joys and concerns to be expressed during the service.

Sunday Morning Forum—9:30am in the Learning Center.
Science Sunday will present our Science Slam!  Short ten minute vignettes on a variety of scientific topics will be presented by people from the community.  It will be fast moving and fun!!  What happens behind the scenes at Brookfield Zoo?  What was one of the most important developments in human history that allowed us to become modern?  What's new at CERN in Switzerland?  Is there an animal that demonstrates 20 million years of evolution in unusual ways? Come and find out!!  Kids, adults, all are welcome! 

May 8, 2016  
@ 9:30am & 11:15am

The Road to Resilience
By Revered Tom Capo 
Reverend Tom will explore some ways to build psychological and spiritual resilience.  A special collection for Hesed House will be collected during the offering.  There will be a New Member Recognition Ceremony during the service.

Sunday Morning Forum—9:30am in the Learning Center.
Islam in France by Reverend Myriam Renaud
For many French people, acts of terrorism—the murders at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, at the kosher market, and more recently at the Bataclan music hall and other sites around Paris—have become the “new” normal. We’ll talk about the demographics of the so-called banlieue—the “93” of Paris, the impact of identity politics on French Muslims, the pathway to radicalization of some second-generation Muslim immigrants, the struggle between different strands of Islam for dominance, and the significantly different (from the U.S.) expression of French Islam. The Forum will be led by Rev. Myriam Renaud, DUUC’s Community Minister, who was raised in a banlieue—the “91” of Paris, who owns an apartment in a region of France with a high percentage of Muslims, and who has researched analyses of “Islam of France” by leading French scholars, mostly notably Gilles Kepel (many of whose works are not yet translated into English).

May 15, 2016  
@ 9:30am & 11:15am

Religious Education Sunday
Steve Cooper, Director of Religious Education
Our children's religious education program encourages children to think for themselves and to have respect for the values and beliefs of the larger community. We’ll honor our graduating seniors and celebrate our religious education program and the people involved (young and old.)  The Yuuth Ensemble will be performing.

Sunday Morning Forum—9:30am in the Learning Center.
Science Sunday

May 22, 2016  
@ 9:30am & 11:15am

Flower Communion
By Reverend Tom Capo

This is our yearly uniquely Unitarian Universalist ritual.  This ritual affirms our unity and beauty in diversity.  Please remember to bring a flower to give away during the service. The DUUC choir will be performing for this service.  This is a multigenerational service and kids will have lots to do in this service.

May 29, 2016  
@ 10:00am only

Environmental Ethics from a Pluralistic Perspective
By Jason Heap
Jason’s extensive work and travel overseas in education has put him in contact with people from various religious and cultural backgrounds, which he has used to lead schools and their communities.
His work as an educator for over ten years has put him positions as a humanist leader. As a teacher of Religious Studies and Philosophy in the United Kingdom, helping students and their families understand that he was a humanist was a challenge by itself but, over time, most people were appreciative that he was able to teach about religion in an objective manner. Jase worked with and counseled students who had “faith questions”/ultimate concerns of their own and these experiences were traumatic for them, especially if they came from conservative and hyper-religious families that wouldn’t accept their children if they didn’t follow in the tradition. Likewise, managing schools in international contexts helped Jase emphasize and focus on diplomatic relations among people of varying viewpoints. By this means he was able to lead schools toward achievable goals and prevent the process from getting hung up on cultural and religious differences.
Jason has a BA in Philosophy and Theology and minor in music from Howard Payne University, a MDiv in Counselling and Religion from Brite Divinity School–Texas Christian University, an MSt in History and Religion from The University of Oxford, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education with Qualified Teacher Status from Sheffield Hallam University, and a Doctor of Education from Walden University with specialism in administrator leadership for teaching and learning.
He is an endorsed and certified Humanist chaplain and celebrant and is also currently pursuing his application to become the first Humanist chaplain in the history of the United States Armed Forces.