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What's Happening On Sunday?

December 6, 2015
@ 9:30am & 11:15am

Making Meaning in a Chaotic World by Reverend Tom Capo
Our world is full of distractions, from television shows that we must watch to smart phone that are with us 24 hours a day to the various demands of raising children, keeping our home clean/repaired/updated, and having enough financial and emotional resources to survive.  Just coping with all of the demands and distractions can be overwhelming.  So how do we take the time needed to make meaning of our life experiences?  There will be a time to share our joys and concerns during the service.

Children attend religious education classes.

SUNDAY MORNING FORUM - 9:30am in Learning Center - Science Sunday

December 13, 2015
@ 9:30am & 11:15am

All Music Service - Vickie Hellyer & the musicians of our church
A tradition at our church, this service of music and readings is a delight that lifts the hearts and pleases the ears.  A special collection will be taken to support our Bridge Community project. We are mentoring a family that was homeless through the process of becoming self-supporting. It is a wonderful way to support those who need us and actually make a difference in their lives.

Children attend religious education classes.

SUNDAY MORNING FORUM - 9:30am in Learning Center - The Selfie Generation.
Exploring the intricate lives of teenagers and what challenges they face regarding peer pressure, substance abuse and resiliency. David Brouwer, M.S. Ed. Health Educator, School District 204 is our speaker. Pastoral Ministry is offering this presentation as part of their outreach to all members of our congregation. David Brouwer teaches and coaches young people. He will give you his perspective on teens in the suburbs and the challenges they face.  Please spread the word to all parents with children of all ages. Questions, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

December 20, 2015
@ 9:30am & 11:15am

Holiday Pageant (Multi-generational)
Steve Cooper, Director of Religious Education
Note: no Joys and Sorrows due to Holiday Pageant.

All children attend the multi-generational service.

SUNDAY MORNING FORUM - 9:30am in Learning Center. Science Sunday.  December's Quest lecture will explore the deep connections between earth, air and life throughout the history of the planet.  The talk is entitled "Gaia: Topics concerning how life has changed Planet Earth and Planet Earth has shaped life".

December 20, 2015

Winter Solstice Service @ 5:00pm

December 21, 2015

Winter Solstice Service @ 7:00pm

December 24, 2015 - Christmas Eve

5:30pm - Family Service led by Steve Cooper
6:30pm - Soup/Bread dinner
for anyone who wants to come and join the staff and their families between the services.
8:00pm - Evening Service led
by Reverend Tom Capo (Music provided by Curt Johnson, Zac Cooper, and Jim Wharton) 
The offering at this service will replenish the Minister’s Discretionary fund which is used to confidentially aid members of our church community.

December 27, 2015
@ (one service) 11:15am

Fire Communion by Kelley Trombly-Freytag and Kat Gelder
Fire is a beginning and an ending, the transformation of wood and air into light and energy. Our congregation celebrates Fire Communion at the turning of the year to recognize this particular moment of change, which symbolically represents the constant process of change in our lives. This year, we will ponder the stars, and how these distant fires parallel the fires of our own lives. The service includes rituals to release those burdens we no longer wish to carry forward and to renew our passions and dreams for the year to come.  There will be a time to share our joys and concerns during the service.

No classes - structured activities