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What's Happening On Sunday?


Sunday, February 26, 2017 @ 9:30am & 11:15am

Healing in the Age of Trump
How to Fight for – and Win – an Inclusive Vision for America
Guest, Andrew Hanauer
In the aftermath of the divisive 2016 election, faith leaders from across the religious spectrum came together to form the One America Movement and fight for a bold, inclusive vision for our country. The One America Movement will bring people together across religious, political, racial and cultural divides to participate in community service projects together – to rebuild our country physically and spiritually and to build authentic human relationships that can challenge and resist bigotry, social media bubbles, divisiveness and even fake news.

Speaker:  Andrew Hanauer is the founder and director of the One America Movement. Andrew is a frequent guest speaker at houses of worship of all kind, and his views on politics, poverty and interfaith advocacy have appeared on Al Jazeera, Pacifica Radio, Common Dreams and more. He serves on steering committees at the United Nations and for the Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency Coalition.
For more information: www.oneamericamovement.org

Religious Education classes meet at 9:30 & 11:15

Sunday Morning Forum—9:30am, Learning Center
Spiritual Formation:  The Concept of Divine Wisdom as a Feminine Principle. 
We will discuss the contrast between this idea and the view that men are more wise/intelligent.